Vékási Zsolt General Manager


Tel: +36 30 351 6029

The activity and products of LOG Oiltools Ltd. have been applied and well-known over 50 years in the Hungarian and International oil- and gas industry.

LOG Oiltools Ltd. wants to establish a relentless focus on satisfying customer needs and expectations. The company can provide the following activities for the market:

  • product planning or re-design
  • consultative assistance, training
  • efficient production
  • transportation
  • rental of the service tools
  • well service and supervision in the field

Main products of LOG Oiltools Ltd.:

The main products were: packers and drilling tools

"I. Well Completion equipment for oil- and gas wells," * (packers, seal units, setting nipples, On-Off connectors, lock mandrels and plugs, sliding sleeves)

II. Drilling tools, * (Fishing tools: Taper tap ,Die Collar, Releasing Overshot, Safety joints, Crossovers, Hammer unions, Underreamers, K-mills,etc.)

III. Other oilindustrial devices. * (Poor-Boy degasser, Geronimo, Circulation Head, Casing-head outlet)